Hi, I am Tina Chongko.

I am a proud mother to our beautiful daughter, a devoted partner, a passionate traveler, a VFX artist and a photographer from Thailand. Throughout my life's journey I have been lucky enough to live in various countries starting from Thailand, Belgium, New Zealand, and now Sydney Australia.

My language skills are versatile as I speak Thai fluently, which comes naturally to me and I speak English with a little bit of a Thai accent ;)

Photography has been a part of my life since childhood. I received my first camera from my father and spent countless hours playing with it until it eventually broke. As life became busier, my focus shifted away from photography for a while. However as I reached my 30s I realised the fleeting nature of life and the importance of capturing beautiful moments for myself and everyone around me. People enter and exit our lives, including those we love, which is why I believe it is vital to have photographs that serve as reminders of the joyous times we shared.

Allow myself to be uplifted by the beauty of the landscape at Whitireia Park, Porirua, New Zealand.

I named my photography business 'Ruk Rose Photography' because it holds a deeply meaningful message for me. 'Ruk' is a Thai word that means 'love' and 'Rose' is my daughter's nick name. I combined these two words to create the name.

I am particularly passionate about capturing people and childcare portraits, as these moments are filled with expressions and hold profound significance in people's lives. Through my photography, I aim to document these special occasions and create lasting memories that can be cherished for years to come.

Spectacular view of Mana Island and South of New Zealand is behind it.

I work part time in the VFX industry as a Digital Compositor. In case you're unfamiliar with the role, I'm responsible for seamlessly integrating computer-generated backgrounds behind actors, incorporating various effects, set extensions and ensuring the removal of unwanted elements from shots. It's a computer-based job, which means I get to show my geeky side but it also requires abilities to follow art directions.

On weekends, I do portrait photography except for childcare portraits that I work on some weekdays. Photography brings immense joy and allows me to express my artistic perspective freely. When it's time to work my camera magic during portrait sessions, I'm like a human tripod, capturing a lot of angles, a lot of smiles and every glimmer of fabulousness. I'm all in.

For parent's peace of mind, I also have a WWCC Certificate (Working with Children Check) Whether you are looking for family, children, couples, individual portraits, engagements and pre-weddings, I would genuinely love to hear from you. Don't hesitate to get in touch and share your vision with me. Thank you! Tina

The Sydney sunset work its enchantment on our souls.