Let's create memories for your little ones!

Hi parents, please register your children for the kindy portrait sessions below.

 To register for this year's portrait session, a non-refundable-registration fee of $15 is required which you can use as a credit to purchase photos of your children or a class photo.

Once you click 'register' you'll be directed to the payment page to complete the registration fee. Booking will only be confirmed upon receipt of the registration fee. 

I exclusively photograph children whose parents have registered for both class photos and portraits.

Why registration is required?

  • It is for obtaining photography permission.
  • It is for collecting basic information before the photoshoot.
  • To provide general terms and conditions for the photography service.
  • It is less time-consuming for childcare staff and the photographer as we will only focus on children whose parents are interested in portraits.

Terms and Conditions

Terms of Sale

1. Agreement: I CHONGKO, TINA t/as Ruk Rose Photography (ABN 70 176 620 224) [“Ruk Rose”] hereby agrees

to provide photography services to The Customer on these T&C’s. By ordering our photography services through Ruk Rose

The Customer hereby agrees to these T&C’s. All queries and notices per these T&C’s can be directed to


2. Payments, Fees and Charges: Our fees for booking photography services can be accessed by viewing the services from

our Ruk Rose webpage (https://www.rukrosephotography.com). Ruk Rose reserves the right to amend our prices at any


3. All orders final: Once The Customer has placed an order for the services through our website, the order is final. No

refunds will be provided for change of mind purchases.

Digital Image License

1. Copyright: Ruk Rose is the sole legal and beneficial Copyright owner of all rights of photographs taken, being the Works

and can assign the intellectual property rights including Copyright in the Works free of all encumbrances. Except where

exempt under the Copyright Act 1968 (th) you are not permitted to copy, reproduce, screenshot, republish, distribute or

display any of the Works or information contained on our website without our prior written permission.

2. License: Upon full payment for the services, The Customer will be granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-

assignable license to use and exploit the Works on the T&C’s. Ruk Rose waives any right to royalties arising to or related

to the permitted use of the Works provided to The Customer.

3. Permitted Use: The Customer agree that the Material must only be used in accordance with the Permitted Use of this

Release Form. The Permitted Use must be for non-commercial purposes and is limited to the following unless otherwise

agreed in writing:

(a) Personal use and private enjoyment of the Works;

(b) Any activities engaged in the provision of education or informational use of the Works.

(c) Any other purpose expressly agreed between the Parties in writing and authorised as forming part of the Permitted Use.

The Customer must consult Ruk Rose prior to making any use in accordance with3(c).

4. Alterations: The Customer may not alter or manipulate the Works and thereafter publish the Works without permission of

Ruk Rose.

5. Indemnity and release: To the maximum extent permissible by law Ruk Rose excludes all liability in the event that the

Customer suffers damage or loss due to unforeseen circumstances while providing its services or in providing the Works.

The Customer indemnifies and hereby releases Ruk Rose from any claim or action arising from The Customer use of the

Material, including any claims of defamation, copyright or moral rights infringement or rights of publicity arising out of

any use of the Work by The Customer or Ruk Rose.

6. Parental Consent The Customer is required to register on the Ruk Rose website and provide a separate written consent of

the children’s parents/legal guardians or others whom are to be identified in the Works prior to a photography session being

booked or the provision of any Works. This is a standing consent that applies to all future use by Ruk Rose in accordance

with these T&C’s. The Customer can revoke it’s consent by giving written notice to Ruk Rose at any time and shall allow

Ruk Rose 14 business days to remove any Works containing images of your children from any marketing or advertising


7. Privacy: Any personal information provided by The Customer to Ruk Rose is stored securely in accordance with the

Privacy Act 1998 (NSW).