Let's talk about Kindy Portraits

Kindy portraits capture a significant milestone in a child's life and their early education journey. It is a great way to document your child's growth and progression as they move through different stages of their education. Also, you can observe and appreciate how much your child has grown physically and emotionally since their kindergarten days. It brings me immense joy to create these portraits, preserving beautiful memories of your child that will last a lifetime.

Kindy portraits have become a newfound passion for me ever since I started photographing my daughter. There's something truly special about capturing the precious moments when she plays in the playground. The genuine and pure expressions when she is having fun with her peers are priceless.

My Kindy portrait style takes a modern and unconventional approach, steering away from the traditional norms. It combines a mix of candid shots and direct gazes into the camera. I aim to create portraits that are unique, vibrant, and truly reflect the spirit and personality of each child. This approach allows me to capture both natural spontaneous moments and engaging direct connections with the camera, resulting in a diverse and captivating collection of portraits.

To ensure a seamless and personalised experience, I exclusively photograph children whose parents have registered. By registering parents can take advantage of this special opportunity and secure their child's spot for a delightful and memorable kindy portrait session.

Here's a breakdown of the Kindy Photoshoot

  1. Photoshoot Time and Date.
  2. Parents' Registration: A non-refundable-registration fee of $15 is required which you can use as a credit to purchase photos of your children or a class photo
  3. Photo Shoot Day at Your Daycare: Parents, kindly ensure that your children have a clean outfit on, or placed in their bags for the upcoming photo shoot.
  4. Online Photo Gallery and Pick Your Favourite Photos: 2-3 weeks after the photo shoot, I will create a private online photo gallery with watermark all over the photos.
  5. Option to Purchase Digital Files, Portrait Magazine, and Classroom Photos: Once parents have selected their favourite photos, they can purchase digital files of the chosen pictures. Parents will be provided with a 10-day window to place their orders without incurring any shipping fees.
  6. Order and Pay for Your Children's Photos: Once parents have selected their preferred photos and any additional products, they will place their order through the online gallery.
  7. Wait for Products to be Produced and Shipped: The orders are placed in bulk after a 10-day window of the photo links.
  8. Receive Notification for Order Pickup: Once the products are ready to be picked up, the parents will receive a notification from the photography service provider. The notification will inform them that their order is available for pickup at the daycare.
  9. Enjoy Long-lasting Memories of Your Children Photos: Finally, parents can pick up their ordered products and enjoy the long-lasting memories captured in the professional photos of their children. They can display the printed photos on their walls, share digital copies with family and friends, and treasure these keepsakes for years to come.